This is quite possibly my favorite engagement shoot of them all. The story started in June of this year when I made Melissa’s acquaintance at, yes, another wedding where she was a bride’s maid. I immediately noticed how beautiful she was but also discovered that she has a heart of gold to complement her beauty. Melissa contacted me about a month later to inquire if I would handle their engagement shoot. Of course I was honored and jumped at the chance to photograph this attractive couple at a location of their choosing.

 Melissa opted for Daniel’s Park in Sedalia. With it’s sweeping views and rocky perches, I was immediately taken with the location. It was a typical glowing Colorado day and with it came a substantial amount of sun flare made even more difficult by the wide open space frequently dotted with other park goers. It was a challenging shoot but the photos came out great. It’s always such a pleasure to document a beautiful young couple’s love and devotion which is on display in the photos.


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This senior shoot was so enjoyable….It had all the key ingredients of a tremendous outcome – an amazing setting with a touch of Fall flair, a beautiful subject and a hint of a bucolic time-gone-by manifested in the aging rail cars.

It’s rare that a photographer is presented with so many backdrops from which to choose and so we took advantage of all of them. The rolling hills painted with dry grass really complemented Rosalie’s flowing, golden hair. My stunning young model set against the antiquated rail cars created a stunning contrast of old and new. Overall, I’m very pleased with this shoot and hope it left you with a distinct set of sentiments.